A love story

How Kim met Brandon (again) thanks to the glory of the Internets

By Kim Kovar

Kim and Brandon’s story began about 10 years ago when they were both students at the University of Houston. They were both journalism majors and great writers. They had some classes together, they shared notes. They were friends.

But that was it. Kim (since she is the woman and much smarter) knew there was something special about Brandon from the moment that she first saw him (and read his columns). She knew that they were actually very much alike and that they would make a great team, if given the chance. Well, the time wasn’t right then.

So, some years passed, they lost touch, life happened. Then, in 2006, through the magic of the Internets (MySpace to be exact) Kim found Brandon. And they reconnected. And, this time, they became more than friends. Kim considers this to be pretty much a miracle and thinks it shows that they were always meant to be. Fate, mixed with a little bit of luck.

Brandon probably agrees, too, in his own way. Regardless, he loves her. Of course, she loves him. And on January 9, 2010, they’re going to be married. Which is probably the most amazing part of all.